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Robert Kaskie

Executive Vice President

Ok, so at some point we had to admit that two girls who had never worked in the restaurant industry before they served their first Cheeseburger in Lahaina just might benefit from someone who had.  Enter Robert Kaskie.  Beginning his Cheeseburger Career as General Manager for our Las Vegas restaurant, it quickly became apparent that he was the man who could take us to the next level.  Translation - Robert, brought us structure, strength, integrity and a vast knowledge of the restaurant industry.  He has proven himself as a strong leader, and is a wonderful mentor to our Management Team.  Competitive by nature, Robert is driven to succeed and to insure the success of the Team by providing the best possible tools and skills for them to get the job done.  He is as passionate about Cheeseburger as we are, and we could not have made the strides we have made without his expert advice.  We have relied heavily on Robert to help us move many mountains, but have been unable to get him to move to the mountains.  He lives in Las Vegas with his wife, Tami and their dog Maxwell.
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