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Edna Bayliff & Laren M. Gartner


Founders of the wildly popular Cheeseburger Restaurants, Laren Gartner and Edna Bayliff are grateful every day for their charmed life in Cheeseburgerland.  Running the Ride of a Lifetime, they fasten their seat belts to handle the 500 members of the Cheeseburger Family as well as the 6500 guests per day who visit the six Cheeseburger locations.  Laren and Edna live on their 80 acre ranch on the Feather River in California’s Sierra Nevada's with eight horses, two cats, and their dog, Max, along with assorted relatives who are taking the Cheeseburger Ride with them.  Laren and Edna live and breathe All Things Cheeseburger every day and hope you had as much fun at Cheeseburger as they had building it for you.
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