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It’s been a tough day - sitting under a palm tree on the beach can wear you out. 

You deserve a break. 

So you find a joint with a knock-out view of the technicolor sunset on the ocean. 
You stroll in and order a great big gooey cheeseburger. 
Your favorite rock and roll songs play one after another, putting you in an Island State of Mind. 

The bamboo walls are covered with playful tiki-hut knick-knacks. 

You banter with your waitress, and she throws some good-natured sass back at you. 
All the while you’re sipping a tall, tropical drink festooned with a colorful umbrella. 
“Live well this life,” you think as you sink your teeth into a
5-napkin cheeseburger. Congratulations, you’re inCHEESEBURGERLAND!

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