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Doug Rainey

Vice President of Cultural Affairs & Protocol
Doug has been with us longer than any other Cheeseburger Team Member - over 20 years.  That line alone speaks volumes.  His accomplishments and growth within our Company serves to inspire the entire Cheeseburger Family, and fill us with pride.  As Vice President of Protocol and Cultural Affairs, Doug knows what it takes to make each of our Cheeseburger Restaurants look, feel, taste and run like the other units.  His remarkable computer skills extend from spreadsheets to Photoshop, from retail design and management, to web page design and beyond.  Doug has the unique ability of being able to read the minds of Laren and Edna and can anticipate what they would do in any given circumstance.  Yep, we find this trait invaluable, but also just a little bit freaky.  He is, however, our greatest blessing.  Doug lives happily in the mountains near ski runs and lakes for jet skis and within walking distance from his brand new home to the office.
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